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All about the Departures at Frankfurt Airport on all terminals you can find below the list of the flights that are arriving by some flight, carrier, origin, time of arrival, status and also have the chance to track the flight with a cell phone.

Departures Airport Frankfurt
London-Stansted FR 0075306:30
Trapani FR 0985806:40
Rom-Ciampino FR 0410207:00
Lisbon FR 0178607:55
Reus FR 0982610:20
Pescara FR 0672611:35
Timisoara W6 0354412:35
Kerry FR 0570513:30
Chania FR 0696215:50
Faro FR 0571217:10
Alicante FR 0732218:10
Palma de Mallorca FR 0983218:25
Malaga FR 0461219:45